Saturday, November 1, 2008

First and foremost..

Hi, I'm Rahyan. I've been yearning to have my own food blog where I can share my kitchen haps (and mishaps actually) but never really have gotten the time or probably just felt something missing to name a few. I have to admit that its the procrastinator in me which has been pulling me away from the blogosphere of culinary divinities and also, not forgetting, my very own oven and stove.

And what brought about this yearning, you ask. I'm wondering so myself. I mean I KNOW the perfect reason to have a food blog was mostly as a result of inspiration wafting from the foodies all over the world. I have spent days procrastinating about nothing and sitting in front of the notebook just gawking at food porn and the likes. The amount of experience, patience and ingredients which goes into some dishes should just be outlawed! Simply because, I can never contend with them. =D And these blogs have such amazing pictures and composition, i get hungry, full and then hungry all over again just by staring at the pictures. I dont think i have the skills neither the apparatus to give such quality of pictures, which of course surprises me as to why I bother to have a food blog in the first place. haha. But I guess the naked truth is my love to spontaneous cook and bake. Key word: Spontaneous.

I am just a simple home baker trying out the simplest and most hassle free recipes having to concede defeat before I crazily attempt a complicated, say, french pastry. For example, I love eating macarons but am very intimidated by the truth or myth (depending on how you look at it) of how difficult or cumbersome these morsels are. Just the thought of grinding almonds into perfect almond powder intimidates me so. Or as simple as saying that I'm no daring baker. I should declare myself a wuss or I can blame it on my senseless time management skills or probably just to give myself credit, I AM a stay-at-home-mom to 2 preschoolers and a toddler boy who's making me "exercise" even when i dont see it fit. hur hur.

As 2009 draws near, I am gonna make a pre-resolution resolution (if there ever is such a thing) and start to bake and cook and actually post it on my blog. I really hope I can follow this through. I AM getting pretty good at juggling the whisk, stove and diapers at a go - okay, not a good picture. haha. But you know what i mean. So I hope you'd cheer me on!

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